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Our stakeholders

TAQA Morocco’s stakeholders and materiality, the backbone of its progress initiative

To bring a sustainable and responsible approach to its activity, TAQA Morocco launched in 2020 a process of identification and consultation of its stakeholders in order to define its materiality.

TAQA Morocco considers dialogue with its stakeholders as fundamental in conducting its activities in a responsible manner and in taking into account sustainable development issues in the medium and long term.

Such dialogue enables the company to anticipate the risks and impact of its activities, as well as the changing expectations of its stakeholders. This exercise has made it possible to direct its actions in the community more effectively throughout the country.

Our approach to dialogue with stakeholders is clearly structured. It enables the various TAQA Morocco’s stakeholders and materiality, the backbone of its progress initiative people in contact with stakeholders to constitute a real relay, capable of maintaining a constructive dialogue based on respect, listening and discussion and capable of both collecting and processing any complaints and managing any delicate situations.

Regulators BusinessPartners OpinionLeaders InternalStakeholders

Internal stakeholders

  • Supervisory Board
  • Management Board
  • Nomination Committee
  • Audit Committee
  • Employees
  • Employee representatives

Opinion Leaders

  • Local authorities & politicians
  • Local communities & NGO
  • Rating agencies and analysts
  • Universities & Research
  • Media
  • Social networks

Business Partners

  • Strategic suppliers
  • Subcontractors
  • Bankers
  • Insurers
  • Operational suppliers


  • AMMC
  • pervising Government department
  • Local authorities
  • ONEE (National Office of Electricity and Drinking Water)
  • International financial investors