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With 25 years of operating in the country, TAQA Morocco has the ambition to become a local player in energy transition, through the adoption, starting 2014, of a diversification strategy in favor of an energy mix including the production of electricity from renewable and low carbon sources. TAQA Morocco is now enriching its portfolio of activities to move towards low-carbon activities, in line with the TAQA Group’s strategic direction.

A Transformation blueprint Focused on Sustainable Development

Mindful of its strategic role in the supply of electricity, TAQA Morocco has a key responsibility to ensure the uninterrupted continuity of its operations while mitigating its impact on the environment. Over and above this responsibility, the company has an important role to play in energy transition.

TAQA Morocco has committed to the global sustainable development challenges by signing up to the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals. These were set in 2015 to define a common roadmap of the world by 2030 and include notably those related to TAQA Morocco’s core business. Thus, not only does TAQA Morocco strive to meet the objectives common to all organizations regardless of their sector, such as the fight against discrimination, equal opportunities or the fight against corruption, but it is particularly interested in addressing and responding to the objectives (SDGs) on which its operations can have a significant impact.

Nowadays, all the company’s strategic decisions and activities are conducted under the prism of sustainable development. Firstly, by using low-sulphur coal to reduce the impact of the existing activity, but above all by transforming its business model to make it responsible, sustainable and value creating for all stakeholders. As a committed player, TAQA Morocco’s contribution to the objectives of sustainable development translates into a policy of social responsibility which has become an integral part of the company’s identity.