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Vision, Mission & Values

TAQA Morocco aims to support the Moroccan low carbon strategy of the energy mix and the water national plan by taking advantage of its unique expertise as an energy operator, its solid financial structure and by leveraging TAQA capabilities.

TAQA Morocco unveils a new power and water model which is based on the complementarity between its historic thermal production activity and the development of new capabilities in renewable, low carbon projects and water desalination.


Support a sustainable future for the Kingdom of Morocco by producing safe, reliable, affordable and decarbonized power and water.


Strengthen its position as Morocco’s leading private power producer through a diversified portfolio and develop water expertise by leveraging TAQA’s capabilities.


Capitalize on, our track record as world class operator, our ability to develop and deliver large-scale projects, and our solid financial structure to deliver our sustainable development strategy.

Ambition, vision, values


Our values are a key component to establishing a culture grounded in working together to achieve greatness, embracing challenges and continuously learning and developing our skills.


We put safety above all else.

  • Takes accountability for everyone’s safety and wellbeing
  • Speaks up and stops unsafe practices
  • Recognizes colleagues who perform tasks safely
  • Seeks to learn and develop capabilities to identify improvements 


We do what is right for our environment, community and people.

  • Strives to have a positive impact on the community and environment
  • Prioritizes integrity and champions strong business ethics
  • Creates a diverse and inclusive workplace
  • Pursues self-development and developing the talent of others.


We are stronger together.

  • Places the interest of TAQA ahead of individual or any group
  • Builds trust and connects with colleagues across the Group
  • Prioritizes open and constructive feedback and actively listens to team members
  • Shares know-how, expertise and ideas with others.


We seek creative ways to deliver results.

  • Challenges the status quo thoughtfully
  • Embraces change and new ways of working
  • Translates ideas into tangible transformative actions
  • Promotes creativity and explores efficiencies without compromising safety.


We strive for exceptional performance.

  • Sets high standards and strives to constantly exceed expectations
  • Establishes clear strategies and plans while ensuring execution
  • Holds self and colleagues accountable for delivering on goals
  • Celebrates achievements and recognize others’ efforts.