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Terms of use


Using this website means that you respect the following Terms and comply with all the regulations applicable to this means of communication.
TAQA Morocco’s website provides information about TAQA MOROCCO. We do not guarantee that such information is all the time complete, accurate and updated. It is up to the user to obtain confirmation by other means, including by contacting us for further information.We reserve the right to modify or correct the contents of the website and these Terms at any time.


The website is intended for personal use. Access to and use of this website are subject to the "Terms" explained in detail below, as well as all applicable laws.

Connection and access to the website implies the user’s full acceptance, without reservations, of all the provisions of these terms.


This website and its contents are created in accordance with the rules applicable in Morocco, even if they are accessible to users from other countries, including:

  • Dahir N° 1-09-15 issued on Safar 22, 1430 (February 18, 2009) promulgating Law N° 09-08 concerning the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data.
  • Dahir N° 1-07-129 issued on Kaada 19, 1428 (November 30, 2007) promulgating Law N° 53-05 relating to electronic exchange of legal data.
  • Dahir N° 1-97-162 issued on Rabii II 2, 1418 (August 7, 1997) promulgating Law N° 24-96 relating to the post and telecommunications [1].

as was amended and supplemented by the Dahir N° 1-01-123 issued on Rabii I 29, 1422 (June 22, 2001) promulgating Law 79-99 [2] by the law N° 55-01 promulgated by the Dahir N° 1-04-154 issued on Ramadan 21, 1425 (November 4, 2004) [3] and by the Dahir N° 1-07-43 [4] issued on Rabii I 28, 1428 (April 17, 2007) promulgating the law N° 29-06.


The external information provided on the website is obtained from reliable sources but does not entail TAQA MOROCCO’s responsibility. 
The information and images on this website are protected by copyright law. Any full or partial use, reproduction or modification of texts or illustrations, by any means whatsoever, without our written consent is illegal and may lead to prosecution. 
The products, processes and technologies described on the website are likely to be covered by TAQA MOROCCO’s or third parties’ other intellectual property rights, and we cannot guarantee in any way that they do not infringe a patent, a copyright, a trademark or any other intellectual property right.
No license or right to use any intellectual property right is granted. Company names, brands, logos and trademarks are the property of TAQA MOROCCO and cannot be used without its prior written permission. The information, ideas, concepts, know-how or techniques put by the user on this website are considered non-confidential and non-copyrighted, and may be used and distributed freely and without restriction. The user agrees to communicate accurate information only and that which does not compromise others’ interests.


You can visit the website without having to reveal your identity or any other personal information.
The information requested is necessary to process your request. 
The personal data that you could provide us with are protected by Law N° 09-08 relating to the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data. 
Any user who provides information to TAQA MOROCCO gives this latter the full right to process and use this information. The information provided by the user, which must be accurate, lawful and not harmful to the interests of third parties, shall be considered non-confidential.


The operator of the website shall strive to provide users with available and verified information and/or tools, but cannot be held responsible for errors, unavailability of information and/or the presence of a virus on its website.
The information provided by the operator of the website is just for your information and does not absolve the user from further personalized analysis. The operator of the website does not guarantee the accuracy, completeness, timeliness of the information available on its website. As a result, the user accepts to use this information under his exclusive responsibility.


The establishment of a hyperlink towards the website requires prior written permission from TAQA MOROCCO. 

In any case, TAQA MOROCCO is by no means responsible for the content, products or services offered on the sites to which is linked, either by hyperlinks or any other type of links.


The use of this website is the sole responsibility of the user. The owner, TAQA MOROCCO, could in no circumstances be held liable for any direct or indirect damage that may arise from the use of this website and from the decisions made on the basis of the information contained therein.


TAQA MOROCCO is required to fulfill its obligations only in the absence of a force majeure.
We disclaim any responsibility for the viruses that may infect your computer system while accessing or browsing this website.

These general terms are subject to the Moroccan law and the exclusive jurisdiction of the Moroccan courts.