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Renewable energies

Noor PV II Solar programme

On April 14th, 2022, TAQA Morocco was awarded 5 lots for the development of 96 MW of solar power at Sidi Bennour and Kelaat des Sghrana sites, as part of the MASEN Noor PV II Solar Program Call for Projects.
The award falls within the framework of the international call for projects related to the finance, build, operate, maintain and sale of the energy produced by the 400 MW Noor PV II solar project developed under Law no.13-09.

South of Morocco

Ambition to develop wind farm projects in the south of the Kingdom of Morocco within the framework of law n° 13-09 as well as a green hydrogen project.

North of Morocco

Ongoing development of a pre-authorized wind farm with a capacity of 95 MW, expandable to 200 MW, in the North of the Kingdom of Morocco.

Renewable energies