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Thermal power plant

TAQA Morocco, operates the largest thermal complex of the Middle East and North African region. An industrial infrastructure of 6 Units totalling 2,056 MW. The power plant is ranked in the top quartile of the world’s most efficient coal-fired power plants.

High-performing infrastructure

- Production Site of 60 Ha.
- Thermal Power Plant of 6 Units with a production capacity of 2,056 MW. 
- Coal Plant Coal Yard.
- Pumping station for demineralized water.
- Pumping station for refrigerated water.
- EHV/HV Switchyard.
- Ash Storage Quarry.

High-performing infrastructure

A rigorous maintenance program

Jorf Lasfar Thermal Power Plant has an excellent average availability rate for Units 1 to 6 of 92%. A performance reflecting the expertise and know-how of the teams combined with dynamic and operational discipline in conducting the preventive maintenance plan.

The preventative maintenance program is carefully planned to ensure the best results. Good operations at the thermal power plant of Jorf Lasfar rely primarily on an extremely rigorous maintenance program that improves the reliability of the power plant and ensures the best results.

A real-time e-monitoring and diagnostic center

Launched in 2021, the e-monitoring and diagnostic center ensure an additional level of vigilance and early detection incidents. The monitoring results are cross-checked with on-site data, in coordination with the Operating and Maintenance managers. This new Monitoring & Diagnostics center is equipped with conventional monitoring devices. These enable predictive maintenance programs to be reinforced with real-time observation of deviations between actual and expected plant performance. Real-time alerts signal any anomaly and equipment malfunctioning can be anticipated and maintenance actions planned. Our e-monitoring center also integrates an «intelligent» dimension with the use of modeling tools, based on «Machine Learning» tools, enabling advanced data processing. These models allow to detect any process dysfunctioning linked to indicators such as temperature, pressure, vibration etc.