Actions and measures for evaluating and minimizing environmental impact

Preventive measures are taken into consideration during the design and construction of the Jorf Lasfar Thermal Power Plant in order to minimize the environmental impact, namely:

. Construction of a 130-meter high chimney to enable proper dispersion of gas emissions into the atmosphere, . Use of low-NOx emissions technology through the utilization of low-NOx burner systems,
. Installation of electrostatic filters as a technology low in particulate and heavy-metal emissions (ESP performance >99%),
. Utilization and Purchase of Low-Sulfur coal to minimize the amount of SO2 in TPD for Units 1-4,
. For Units 5 & 6, installation of a seawater desulfurization system as a low SO2 emissions technology, using seawater as an absorbent, for the desulfurization of combustion gases. Prior to release, the effluent is oxygenated in an aeration basin and then mixed with the remaining water from the cooling system so as to ensure that the final effluent has the same characteristics as the seawater initially introduced into the cooling circuit.
. Installation of atmospheric emissions monitoring and recording equipment for Units 5 & 6. Continuous monitoring and recording of atmospheric emissions produced by Units 5 & 6, which enables effective oversight of their true impact.