Environmental policy, measures to limit impact, and goals and standards set

In terms of its approach to managing environmental risks, TAQA Morocco was certified in 2017 under the ISO 14001 standard (2015 version) for the whole of its activities. TAQA Morocco proceeds with an environmental impact study before opening new Units and continuously monitors the environmental impact of its operational units. The impact study for the extension of Units 5 & 6 in 2010 was discussed as part of a public consultation with provincial and local authorities, the exterior services of the State, NGOs and civil society, including representatives from the local population. This environmental impact study was performed according to IFC guidelines and in compliance with Moroccan regulations. See the schematic below, which summarizes the actions TAQA Morocco takes to reduce its impact, as well as the standards and objectives set according to the limits of applicable national regulations and the guidelines of the World Bank.