Economic and social impact on communities or local populations and regional development: job creation, investment in the areas of health, culture and education

The impact of TAQA Morocco in terms of economic and social development (and for communities and local populations) can be measured by its fiscal contributions (in 2019: more than 900 million dirhams in direct and indirect taxes were paid, 1 billion dirhams in VAT), in local purchasing volume (more than 400 million dirhams), in jobs (484 direct and 2000 indirect), and social actions for local communities.

. TAQA Morocco favors local employment
. Regular reliance on subcontractors as part of the operation of the Jorf Lasfar Thermal Power Plant also goes through local employment.

Doing well by doing good. TAQA Morocco structures its commitment to contribute to good causes through 4 domains: health, education, environment and culture. The Sponsoring and Citizenship Initiative Committee applies and implements the General Management’s policy on sponsoring and citizenship initiatives. It reviews and validates requests and submits them for final approval to General Management. It oversees the implementation of such initiatives and ensures their compliance with contract provisions. It provides oversight and reviews the initiatives undertaken by measuring their impact according to defined criteria.

TAQA Morocco supports vulnerable communities

TAQA Morocco provides financial support to the organization of medical caravans to rural areas, and it has renovated rural primary schools (rehabilitation and resupply of premises, distribution of school bags, supplies and schoolbooks, and warm clothing) and raises awareness of the need for environmental protection (implementation of water-bottle and paper recycling on the Casablanca site with the Al Ikram Association – Valyans Foundation).

TAQA Morocco provides citizenship initiatives in which collaborators can participate on a volunteer basis, such as: Bab Rayan Residence (distribution of Ramadan meals) and the distribution of school bags and warm clothing to schools located near the Jorf Lasfar Plant.

CSR Committee : The Business Social Responsibility Committee leads CSR charter commitments and oversees the carrying out of action plans.

• Deputy CEO
• Managing Director of the Plant
• Director of Support
• Human Resources Director
• Legal Counsel
• Director of Quality, Health, Safety and Environment
• Director of Audit, Strategy and Development
• Director of Communication

Frequency: Twice per year.

Roles and missions:
• Definition, formalization and oversight of the company’s CSR approach.
• Collection and validation of proposals for application of the CSR approach within each Division.
• Overall leadership of initiatives.
• Dashboard oversight.
• Oversees achievement of action plans.
• Regular evaluation of the CSR approach and its contribution to company performance.
• Communication of results to Management Board.

Sponsoring and Citizenship Action Committee

• Deputy CEO
• Legal Counsel
• Office Manager
• Director of Communication

Frequency: Quarterly.

Roles and missions:
• Implementing the policy of General Management with respect to sponsoring and citizenship initiatives.
• Review and validation of requests for submission for final approval by General Management.
• Oversees full achievement of initiatives and their compliance with contract provisions.
• Regular oversight and evaluation of initiatives carried out through measurement of their impact on defined strategic criteria. .

Impact of investments in infrastructure and public services

As an electricity producer, TAQA Morocco deploys its investments in the areas of infrastructure and public services. The investments corresponding to our electrical production activities can be consulted in our 2019 management report.

Community Engagement : As a committed economic and social actor in Morocco, both at the regional and national levels, TAQA Morocco has implemented a true citizenship initiative policy, in close collaboration with local authorities and NGO’s.

Partnership with El Jadida emergency medicine services.
TAQA Morocco is a partner in the project to provide emergency medical services in El Jadida. An emergency medical service (French acronym SAMU) that meets local needs and international standards reduces the number of patients who die before reaching the emergency room. The El Jadida SAMU operates throughout El Jadida Province, serving a total population of 635.000 people. It has provided more than 1200 emergency medical interventions free of charge through its 5 medical centers located in El Jadida, Sidi Smaïl, Ouled Frej, Bir Jdid and Ouled Ghanem. Thanks to its ambulances, which carry high-performance equipment, the El Jadida SAMU provides continuity of care during patient transport. It has a 24-hour, 7-day permanent helpline that enables faster and easier coordination of first responders, as well as the ability to verify the availability of hospital beds in order to direct patients to the location best suited to their needs.

Implementation of healthcare initiatives in the area.
TAQA Morocco works with the Sheikh Zaïd Ibn Soltan Foundation to provide high-quality free care to the most impoverished populations, who are often located in landlocked rural areas. Medical caravans are provided by a multidisciplinary mobile medical unit, with the involvement of medical and paramedical teams from Sheikh Zaid Hospital (doctors, nurses and volunteers). A multidisciplinary mobile diagnostic unit, it works in tandem with an ophthalmological intervention unit that has made it possible to perform some 500 cataract operations and more than 13,200 diagnostic examinations in 11 towns of the Kingdom.

Environment Week, for the sharing of environmental best practices
Each year, TAQA Morocco partners with the Doukkala Association and El Jadida Province as part of “Environment Week,” in order to create and promote and environmental culture among citizens of the province. The event welcomes researchers, professors emeriti, and the main socioeconomic actors, including TAQA Morocco, to present initiatives and projects undertaken to preserve the environment.

Promotion of culture via the Jawhara International Festival
TAQA Morocco partners with the Jawhara International Festival to participate in this cultural event. Young artists from a range of backgrounds were also involved in the festival as part of “Jawhara Talents,” in order to showcase their talent and their musical creativity.

Preservation of cultural heritage through the Moussem de Moulay Abdellah Amghar gathering
TAQA Morocco is a partner in the Moussem de Moulay Abdellah Amghar gathering, one of the largest events, which honors the memory of the victorious battles of the city of El Jadida against the occupier.

Through its various initiatives, TAQA Morocco makes a major contribution to the improvement of quality of life for citizens and children in the most underprivileged areas, through the provision of medical caravans, the El Jadida SAMU, merit scholarships, environmental protection awareness, and support for cultural development through festivals…

Corrective actions for activities with significant potential or actual negative impact on local communities

Over the past three years, no cases of violations of the rights of local communities were identified. TAQA Morocco maintains good relations with its communities, and those relationships constitute a form of business and relationship capital.







Total number of cases of identified violations of the rights of local communities