Our materiality analysis


The matrix shows the level of “relevance” of the issues according to the growing importance that external stakeholders attribute to them for these themes (vertical axis) and topics of interest to TAQA Morocco (horizontal axis).


The materiality matrix that TAQA MOROCCO published for the first time, in 2020, includes the increasingly important questioning from stakeholders on themes related to socio-economic and environmental issues. This helps to guide the decisions and commitments of TAQA Morocco.


Dialogue is the foundation of our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) approach. This approach enables us to identify and prioritize the risks related to social and environmental issues by detecting weak signals. It is also an excellent means of seizing opportunities to innovate and to spot growth opportunities for TAQA Morocco.  


By adopting an ESG reporting policy that complies with the requirements of the national regulator, while also following the guidelines of GRI Standards, TAQA Morocco is disclosing different information while also explaining how the company has integrated sustainable development into its functioning and its report.


TAQA Morocco, whose investments impact a very large number of stakeholders, has also identified its impacts and brought its most significant issues to the forefront. This exercise, as the standards provide, is inclusive. The stakeholders guide it, and then it is communicated to them.


Indeed, the method of dialogue with stakeholders complies with the principles of the AA1000 standard: inclusivity(identification of the stakeholders), materiality (relevance of the themes to TAQA Morocco and its ecosystem), responsiveness (action plans for the short, medium and long terms). Issue identification relied upon the GRI’s Utilities sector supplement and TAQA Morocco’s own risk mapping. 


The materiality study performed in 2020 allows us to align ESG priorities with the three priority issues:

Health and safety cultureOccupational health and safety are inseparable without strong cultural anchoring. Documentation of this in the Occupational Health and Safety section.Issue specific to TAQA Morocco completing an AMMC disclosure on workplace accidents
Operational continuityOperational continuity is the basis of TAQA Morocco’s operational resilience. Documentation of this is available in an additional anticipated voluntary disclosure.Issue specific to TAQA Morocco
Governance mechanism for ethical questionsEthics and its governance are a priority. They constitute the fourth axis of the TAQA Morocco strategic plan.Issue specific to TAQA Morocco completing a disclosure on the fight against corruption