Conditions of dialogue with stakeholders

By applying the guidelines of the GRI Standards and the AA1000 standard, the materiality study was done according to the following model:

• Identification of general interest themes: this identification was done using sector-based themes, rankings of sustainable-development performance and approaches of the operators, and broader trends in the sector. Of the 92 themes identified, 30 were retained for public consultation. In the interest of thoroughness, we have reproduced them in the materiality matrix with double scoring, both internal and external.

• The external stakeholders of Morocco (sponsors, thought leaders, experts and regulators…) were prioritized using an international methodology.

TAQA Morocco invited its collaborators, its management and its governance bodies to share their opinions on the prioritization of topics relating to TAQA Morocco’s sustainable development. A public consultation was held with 162 stakeholders. The results were used to create a “materiality” matrix

TAQA Morocco applies the GRI Standards definition of materiality

he GRI Standards reporting framework considers the important questions to be those having high importance for our stakeholders and which affect our ability to create value over the short, medium and long term.

The Materiality principle identifies material topics based on the following two dimensions:

• The significance of the organization’s economic, environmental, and social impacts;
• Their substantive influence on the assessments and decisions of stakeholders.

This year, TAQA Morocco carried out a materiality analysis in order to identify the key subjects that have a double importance to and/or incidence on its internal and external stakeholders.  

We have included subjects relating to the strategy, governance, and performance of our business in relation to social and environmental dimensions, as well as to emerging risks.

We examined topics of importance for the main stakeholders and those on which TAQA Morocco can have a significant impact.

We created a matrix to assist in prioritizing the 30 main issues of importance. The matrix shows the importance that TAQA Morocco and its stakeholders give to the 30 main issues of importance







Percentage of total number of employees covered by collective bargaining agreements