Name of the report


Reporting period

From 01/01/2019 to 12/31/2019

Description of the report

TAQA Morocco is publishing, in 2020, its first ESG report for the 2019 fiscal year. This report, dedicated to our environmental, social and governance performances, meets the requirements of circular 03-19 of the Moroccan Capital Markets Authority (French acronym: “AMMC”).

We have in a voluntary basis included some optional information elements in this report All the informational requirements relating to AMMC circular 03/19 are exhaustively documented.

Publication date of the report


CSR reporting

We are publishing the key financial performance indicators as well as some qualitative information on sustainable development in our 2019 ESG report.
The report provides further information on our sustainability practices, the criticality of our stakeholders, the materiality of the issues and to the extent possible, a description of our managerial approach to addressing these issues. In this report, we include links to those sources where applicable.
We are beginning a reflection in 2020 on the topic of how we should use social media to provide updates on our corporate responsibility.


We are examining ESG themes to ensure that we meet the needs of stakeholders, including our employees, our clients and our shareholders… The information relating to our materiality analysis is made available to the general public.
The content of our report is based on the requirements of the Moroccan Capital Markets Authority and is inspired by the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI Standards) frame of reference, as well as that of the Sustainable Development Goals of the IIRC (International Integrated Reporting Council).

Scope of the report

The report exclusively relates to the activities of TAQA Morocco and JLEC 5 & 6. No other activity besides that of TAQA Morocco and JLEC 5 & 6 is included in the context of this report. The key performance indicators presented thus concern the activities pursued. The financial data on the business were extracted from the 2019 management report and have not been modified.

KPI, data collection methods, basis for calculations

The key performance indicators enable us to monitor our economic, environmental and social performance. The progress measures enable us to identify improvement potential in our returns. We use our reporting system to collect most data necessary for the generation of performance indicators relating to the health and safety of our collaborators and to environmental protection. Our performance indicators are calculated and published in compliance with the requirements of the AMMC and at times in relation to the Global Reporting Initiative. Our performance indicators are generally set forth on the basis of a three-year period.

Third-party assurance

TAQA Morocco has not yet implemented a third-party assurance system for its ESG reporting. A phase of exploration of the AA1000 and ISAE 3000 Accountability standards will be followed by external assurance.

Moroccan Capital Markets Authority

This report exceeds the compliance rules set forth by the AMMC by including information contained in the GRI Standards. In that respect, this report is a transition towards a report that complies with the core requirements of GRI Standards for the next fiscal year.

United Nations Global Compact and Global Reporting Initiative (GRI)

This report is a prelude to the upcoming signature of the United Nations Global Compact by TAQA Morocco and the subsequent preparation of a communication on progress.

United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG)

In this report, we present the contribution of TAQA Morocco to the implementation of United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Terminology utilized

This report does not contain an explanation of the terminology used or of the abbreviations.

Declarations relating to the future

This report contains declarations relating to the future. These declarations are based upon current Management estimates relating to future developments. These declarations should not be interpreted as guarantees of their future achievement.
Future development may be different than the results actually achieved because it depends upon a substantial number of risks and uncertainties. Future development thus may diverge significantly from the declarations relating to the future.

Prior-year reports

TAQA Morocco is publishing an ESG report for the first time. Starting with the year 2020 and going forward, TAQA Morocco is committed to the annual production of a sustainability report.