TAQA Morocco, committed to working for Morocco

Listed on the Casablanca Stock exchange since 24 December 2013, TAQA Morocco has developed a strategy strongly and continually focused on working for Morocco in the production of electricity. Through its thermal power station in Jorf Lasfar, which has an overall capacity of 2,056 MW, TAQA Morocco is the biggest private producer of electricity in Morocco
and the main supplier to ONEE.

Performance driven strategy

The Strategy of TAQA Morocco, is perfectly in line with the regional energy mix and incorporates the most reliable, and the most efficient production of kWh, which follows the highest standards relating to safety and the environment.

Strategic axes

Four main strategic axes:

•Leading in the private production of electricity in Morocco.
•Foster a shared business culture, a strong social policy and the development of employees’ skills.
•Maintain the CSR status, be led by ethical steps, be concerned with working for sustainable development.
•Develop and acquire other projects in the energy production field in Morocco and the region. These will be chosen based on the opportunities available and on a prudent investment policy.