• The ABB Energy Ventures consortium and CMS Generation win the international call for tender from ONEE for the running of Units 1&2 as well as for the design, construction, financing and running of Units 3&4 at Jorf Lasfar.


  • September: Creation of the Jorf Lasfar Energy Company (JLEC) in the form of a limited partnership with share capital.
  • Transfer of Units 1&2 of the thermal power station at Jorf Lasfar.
  • Construction begins on Units 3&4.
  • 1.2 billion USD of financing put in place with an international banking consortium.


  • 9 june: Commercial operations begin at Unit 3


  • 2 february: Commercial operations begin at Unit 4.


  • May: Acquisition of JLEC by the Abu Dhabi Energy Company (TAQA), which becomes indirectly the sole shareholder of the company.
  • System Management Certification for Occupational Health and Safety in line with the norms OHSAS 18,001.


  • January: TAQA Morocco becomes a Société Anonyme (equivalent to a publicly limited company) with a Board of directors and Supervisory Board.
  • January: Refinancing of international debt with a Moroccan banking consortium.
  • 20 may: Signing of memorandum of understanding for the development of Units 5&6.


  • 22 december: Creation of the subsidiary Jorf Lasfar Energy Company 5&6 (JLEC 5&6) which had the aim to build and run Units 5&6 (as part of an expansion of the first 4 units), with a capacity of 350 MW each.
  • 24 december: Signing of the EPC contract between JLEC 5&6 and the Mitsui & Co and Daewoo consortium.


  • 30 march: Signing of the electricity supply contract for Units 5&6
  • 31 october: Signing of the EPC contract for the unloading equipment for coal boats (Lot 2) with Cargotec.
  • 3 november: Signing of the EPC contract for coal handling and storage equipment (Lot 1) with China Harbour Engineering Company.


  • 20 june: Signing of financing documents for the JLEC 5&6 expansion project for a total amount equal to 1.4 billion USD over 16 years, in multiple currencies.
  • 11 december: Signing of the licence for the coal terminal at the Jorf Lasfar Port with the National Ports Agency (ANP) to have the rights over quays 3 and 3 bis at TAQA Morocco and JLEC 5&6 over a period of 30 years.


  • 18 january: Signing of the definitive agreements to withdraw 1.4 billion USD for the expansion of Units 5&6 at the thermal power station.
  • 14 february: TAQA wins the prize “African Power Deal of the Year 2012” for the financing of the expansion project at the Jorf Lasfar thermal power station, JLEC 5&6 during the 14th edition of the prizes at the magazine Project Finance in London.
  • 21 march: TAQA receives the “Best Partnership Award 2012” during the World Investment Conference North Africa in Marrakesh.
  • 25 october: Synchronisation of Unit 5 with the national electricity grid.
  • 2 december: Reception of the visa from CDVM (Ethical Council for Transferable Securities).
  • 24 december: First floatation on the Casablanca Stock Exchange.


  • 5 february: Synchronisation of Unit 6 with the national electricity grid.
  • 15 april: Commercial operations begin at Unit 5.
  • 7 june: Commercial operations begin at Unit 6.
  • 13 october: Jorf Lasfar Energy Company changes its name to become TAQA Morocco and extends the reach of its social work through an act of the Mixed General Assembly. This is decision was made to support the company’s strategic social goals and its development projects.
  • 4 november: Achieves Quality certificates ISO 9001, Heath and Safety OHSAS 18,001, Environment ISO 14,001, from Lloyds Register Quality insurance for all of the activities in TAQA Morocco.


  • 10 february: Awarding of Corporate Social Responsibility Label from CGEM.
  • December: Coal unloaders put into service.