Health & Safety

The company’s number one priority is the health, safety and security of its employees and subcontractors and the protection of the environment in which the company operates. The company makes sure that the policies related to health, safety, security & the environment appropriately account for the impacts and risks of the business, ensuring the health and safety of all
employees and subcontractors.

This is why TAQA Morocco is committed to:

Encouraging staff membership of its Health, Safety, Security and Environment program.
Promoting a proactive approach, with a policy of prevention that anticipates the various environmental risks and impacts of our business.
Initiating a continuous improvement approach by implementing planning, carrying out, checking and improvement actions.
Strengthening the knowledge and skills of staff in regards to Health, Safety, Security and the Environment at work through training workshops and targeted awareness campaigns.
Providing the necessary resources to better implement this policy.
Meeting legal requirements in terms of health, safety and those of other partners and interested parties.