While still being an active and efficient operator in the energy market of Morocco, TAQA Morocco has the aim of continually reducing its environmental impact. Working to be a genuine social development oriented company, TAQA Morocco has made protecting the environment a priority and subject to firm Commitments.

Air & water quality

The company has adopted international standards in terms of gas and liquid waste. These limits are a summary of various standards requested by lenders (Moroccan regulations and World Bank standards).
TAQA Morocco ensures that emissions from the chimneys of the thermal power station are below the limits through the quality of the coal used and by certain pieces of equipment such as the low nitrogen oxide producing burners and the injection of SO3 to reduce dust. The use of electro-filters retains 99%
of the dust particles. An apparatus for removal of sulphur was put in place to treat smoke. There is also a rigorous and continued monitoring of the chimney emissions at Units 5&6.
The control station for ambient air quality closely monitors the concentration of various components (sulphur dioxide, nitrogen oxides and particles), and the meteorological parameters. As part of a constant concern to create a healthy environment for it employees as well as its neighbours, TAQA
Morocco carries out an annual check of air quality at different geographic locations around the Power Station. It does this through an international control company.
A mobile station for monitoring air quality in the professional environment is put in place on the site by TAQA Morocco for the continuous monitoring of the air.
TAQA Morocco has several water treatment stations and regularly checks the wastewater as well as the quality of groundwater and coastal seawaters. As part of preventative action to anticipate the infiltration of contaminated water around the fuel tanks, the retention basin was covered with a geomembrane and watertight reinforced concrete in line with international standards.
Regularly and at the same time as the audits by Lloyd’s Register for the QSE certification, external audits by lenders as well as audits by the TAQA Group are carried out to check that the environmental requirements put in place have been adhered to. If these limits are exceeded, TAQA Morocco
has put in place measures and procedures to establish an action plan to correct the issue.

Waste treatment & recycling

TAQA Morocco recycled almost 80% of floating ash at the local industrial cement plant.
In 2015, TAQA Morocco extended the storage centre for ash in accordance with international norms.
For other types of domestic and industrial waste, a selective sorting was carried out on site before the waste was sent to recycling, treatment and reuse companies.