CSR Label

CSR Label

The CGEM awarded its CSR Label to TAQA Morocco following an evaluation of the various criteria in the CGEM CSR Charter.

It was a formal recognition of the strict requirements that TAQA Morocco put in place for managerial, industrial, environmental, social and citizenship practices.

This commitment came voluntarily from TAQA Morocco and is part of a collective momentum, already in place, that works on a variety of social development projects.

TAQA Morocco’s Corporate & Social Responsibility


TAQA Morocco’s CSR Charter


Continually improving environmental performance across all sites and business activities.

Being awarded the CSR Label from CGEM emphasised the relevance of the procedures put in place by TAQA Morocco to reduce its water, energy and raw material consumption, as well as to decrease its greenhouse gas emissions. TAQA Morocco has the best possible mark for the emergency plans put in place to anticipate and mitigate the accidental damage that might affect the environment, safety and health.

Human rights

Respecting human rights by guaranteeing equal opportunities and watching over employee safety and well-being, all while developing their skills.

TAQA Morocco has the best possible mark for its Human Resources policy, in particular for its respect for the freedom to associate, the right to join labour unions, the banning of under-age work (under 15) and the right to collectively negotiate salaries. The Label also confirms the measures put in place by TAQA Morocco in order to improve the skills and employability of those working for it, promoting training and professional improvement.

Ethics & Compliance

Managing activities and relationships with stakeholders in a way that respects the strictest rules on society, the environment and ethics while promoting the development of local economic infrastructure.

TAQA Morocco has shown the efficiency of its procedures, which aim to promote corporate social responsibility in its industrial ecosystem. This includes its suppliers and sub contracts, which TAQA Morocco treats fairly and transparently, and with which it works closely to develop long-lasting contractual relationships in total respect of competition rules.


Observing rigorous governance rules that respect the interests and rights of shareholders by relying on public information which is sincere and transparent.

The CSR Label from CGEM validated the transparency of the company’s governance, which conforms to the relevant legal requirements. The Label also confirmed respect for Shareholder representative authorities, the prerogatives of management bodies, the guarantee of the right to vote for shareholders and the fair treatment they deserve.

Social Development

Actively contributing to spreading the values of solidarity and sustainable development.

TAQA Morocco encourages, as certified in the CSR Label from CGEM, local employment and training for employees in the region and around company sites. It also contributes to numerous initiatives to prevent and mitigate the effects of natural disasters, environmental imbalances and illness. What is more, the company is committed to helping initiatives that promote education, health, culture and the environment.

CSR Actions

TAQA Morocco is committed to being a strong corporate citizen at both regional and national levels. That is why it supports many charitable causes and NGOs. The company works in close cooperation with the authorities to contribute in the following areas:
• Health
• Education
• Environment.
• Culture


By providing support in these 4 areas TAQA Morocco contributes to improving the living conditions of citizens and children in the most disadvantaged regions: medical caravans, support for children with cancer, support for children with Down syndrome, distribution of school supplies, schools’ rehabilitations, Environmental protection awareness, cultural promotion through festivals...